Gazing at the Horizon


Gazing glassily at the horizon between earth and the sky sleeping and those awake plodding to the gate but the latch will neither yield nor…

Limerick 2


It is time to marry a spouse. How else can one afford a house?! For my wage does not grow; avocados I forgo... Ah heck, let us the…

Limerick 1


A vibin' buttplug should leave one thrill'd, but givin' remote play is perill'd: first the link, he neglects, then he just disconnects; you…

Sonnet 2


Leaves spring abundantly from tree and root; Oft are folia organically cirque-plucked. Gleaming seeds twirl round you amidst dark soot; Acro…

Sonnet 1


A seed took flight aboard silverbird wings, leave of that gathering taken too soon; Your name overheard on goss-amer strings, inescapable…

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